Apartments and Medium Size Complex

Apartment Complex Management can be very time consuming if you don’t have the right team in place. The law’s have changed drastically leaving owners at risk and your team in jeopardy of litigation. M&M Properties prides it’s self on keeping up to date and implementation of current housing law’s.

SPC – Single Point of Contact, Owners and tenants have a single property manager that deals with all aspects of the property. One person to call for repairs and repair updates, financial questions.

Digital Marketing – Web sites for properties and use of Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media and influencer Marketing, 360 walk-through video.

All properties have many characteristic that affect the cost of management so we place a general range of 4% to 7% of general monthly revenue. Please call to schedule a site visit.


Call for pricing: Darren Babby @ 916.500.8188

The lead for the apartment complex management team is Barbara Lemaster. Ms. Lemaster has over 25 years in the real estate in high volume area of San Diego, Los Angeles and Sacramento California. Ms. Lemaster has extensive experience handling the intricacies associated with property management  Medium to large apartment complexes and homeowners association management. Ms. Lemaster is former board member of Rental Housing Association of Sacramento Valley and  the  California Apartment Association.